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Flight Review

Regal Air can provide the flight review you need to maintain your currency to act as Pilot in Command.

  • Variety of airplanes available
  • Get a flight review in your own airplane

Instrument Proficiency Check

If your instrument currency has lapsed, or simply need someone to help you stay safe in IMC, Regal Air can provide a CFII to conduct an IPC.

  • Traditional or Electronic Instrument Panels
  • IPC can be partially completed in an AATD
  • Can be done in your own airplane

Safety Pilots

Don’t wait for your instrument currency to lapse! Regal Air can provide experienced CFIIs to act as safety pilots and help you maintain your instrument currency while using their input to improve your instrument skills.

See our most current rates

  • Maintain your IFR currency with a CFII
  • Traditional and Technically Advanced Airplanes
  • Use your own airplane!

Refresher Training

All pilots need to brush up on their skills once in a while. Refresher training is available in any FAA-required aeronautical skill you need. Our instructors can help design a lesson to meet your needs.

See our most current rates 

  • Variety of airplanes available
  • VFR and IFR refresher training provided
  • Practice in your own airplane
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