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More horsepower!

Our High-Performance training will prepare you to fly aircraft over 200-horsepower.

  • Online scheduling
  • Train in a Cessna 182
  • Fuel and line service included

Privileges and Limitations

Earning a High-Performance endorsement in your logbook will allow you to fly airplanes equipped with engines over 200 horsepower.

Ground Training

You will take at least 1 hour of ground training for this course. This training will include the following topics:

  • Constant-speed propeller systems
  • Fuel-injection systems
  • Turbochargers
  • Calculating performance
  • Power management
  • Heat management

Flight Training

To earn your endorsement you will take 2-3 hours of flight training. This flight training will include:

  • Preflight procedures
  • Takeoff procedures
  • Climb procedures
  • Cruise procedures
  • Approach procedures
  • Landing procedures
  • Post flight procedures


At Regal Air we can provide high-performance flight training in the following airplanes:

  • Cessna 182B
    Our carefully restored 1959 Cessna 182B with a 230HP carbureted engine is a great airplane in which to learn to fly high-performance airplanes. Its handling is very similar to that of the familiar C172, allowing you to focus on the procedures introduced during this course.
  • Your own airplane
    Regal Air can provide you with high-performance training in your own airplane! contact us about insurance requirements and if your airplane is a feasible option for your high-performance training.

Course Costs

All costs are approximate. The cost of our high-performance course depends on how much flight or ground training you need to demonstrate proficiency in a high-performance airplane. Normally this includes 1 hour of ground and 2 hours of flight, though some pilots may need additional training. The cost also depends on the airplane used.

  • Cessna 182: $650
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