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Maintain your currency

Regal Air can help you maintain your currency by conducting flight reviews as required by 14 CFR 61.56.

  • Online scheduling
  • Variety of airplanes available
  • Use your own airplane!
  • Combine with a checkout or another endorsement to get more out of your flight review

Ground Training

The FAA requires flight instructors to provide at least 1 hour of ground training that covers 14 CFR Part 91 regulations. However, most pilots will need more ground training to demonstrate proficiency in aeronautical knowledge. CFIs must ensure a satisfactory level of knowledge before endorsing a pilot’s logbook. 

Regal Air provides a flight review exam to help with the ground portion of the flight review. You will be provided with this exam when you schedule a flight review with us.

You can see what guidance the FAA provides flight instructors by reading Advisory Circular 61-68 

Flight Training

The FAA requires at least 1-hour of flight training in maneuvers and procedures that the CFI deems essential for the safety of flight. Many pilots will need more time to demonstrate a satisfactory level of proficiency. CFIs must determine that the pilot’s proficiency is sufficient for safe flight before endorsing their logbook.

You can see what guidance the FAA provides flight instructors by reading Advisory Circular 61-68 

You may combine an airplane checkout or other endorsement with a flight review. Please advise your Flight Instructor that this is your intent. An additional endorsement or aircraft checkout does not count as a flight review, but the flight instructor can format your lesson to meet the requirements of both.


The costs for a flight review will vary greatly from pilot to pilot. This will depend on many factors, such as:

  • The make\model airplane to be used
  • Your current level of proficiency
  • How often you have been flying and what you have been practicing
  • How much flight time is needed to determine an acceptable level of proficiency
  • How much ground time is needed to demonstrate an acceptable level of knowledge

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