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The latest in flight technology!

As technology advances, so does the avionics equipment installed in airplanes. Our TAA course will help prepare you to fly technically advanced airplanes, equipped with primary flight displays, multi-function displays, and integrated autopilot systems.

  • Online scheduling
  • Train in a Cessna 172 G1000 with KAP 140 Autopilot; or
  • In a Cessna 172 with a G3X and GFC 500 Autopilot
  • Fuel and line service included

What is a TAA?

For an airplane to be considered a Technically Advanced Airplane (TAA) it must have all of the following:

  • Primary Flight Display (PFD)
    Which provides you with flight and navigation instruments
  • Multi-Function Display (MFD)
    Which may contain the engine instruments, a moving map display, traffic, terrain, as well as other aviation and weather information
  • Autopilot
    The autopilot must be integrated with the airplane’s heading and navigation guidance systems.

Ground Training

The amount of ground training required will vary from pilot to pilot. You can reduce the amount of ground time required if you prepare by reading the pilot guides for the equipment that will be used. Additionally, Garmin provides training software for personal and tablet computers for the G1000 and GTN650 which you can find at their website. Most pilots will need around 2 hours of ground training to become familiar with these systems. The training will include the following topics:

  • The TAA systems and its components
  • Normal and emergency procedures
  • GPS navigation
  • Flight Management System (FMS)
  • Automation management
  • Information management
  • Instrument departure procedures (if instrument rated)
  • Holding patterns (if instrument rated)
  • Instrument approach procedures (if instrument rated)

Flight Training

There is no minimum amount of flight time.  Most pilots will need 2-3 hours of flight training to be proficient in a TAA. Instrument rated pilots typically need an additional 3-4 hours of training to become instrument proficient in technically advanced avionics systems. This flight training will include:

  • Preflight procedures
  • Fundamentals of flight
  • VOR and GPS Navigation
  • Using the autopilot
  • Instrument procedures (if instrument rated)
  • Emergency and abnormal procedures
  • Postflight procedures


Cessna 172N G3X

This airplane comes equipped with the latest equipment available from Garmin. It includes the following :

  • G3X Touch Display (PFD & MFD)
  • GTN 650 WAAS Capable, IFR Approved GPS (MFD)
  • GFC 500 2-Axis Autopilot
  • G5 Electronic Flight Instrument (Standby)

Cessna 172S G1000

When many pilots think of a TAA, they think of the G1000. This airplane is equipped with:

  • 2x GDU 1040 Displays (PFD & MFD)
  • 2x IFR Approved GPS
  • KAP-140 2-Axis Autopilot
  • Traditional Standby Instruments

Your Own Airplane

Regal Air can provide you with TAA training in your own airplane! contact us about insurance requirements and if your airplane is a feasible option for your TAA training.

Course Costs

All costs are approximate. The cost of our TAA course depends on how much flight or ground training you need to demonstrate proficiency in a TAA. Normally this would include 2 hours of ground training and 2-3 hours of flight training for VFR pilots and instrument pilots may need an additional 2-3 hours of flight training to be proficient enough for flight under IFR.

  • VFR Only: $700
  • IFR Only: $700 (if already familiar in VFR)
  • VFR and IFR: $1,400
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