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Regain your IFR Currency

Regal Air can help you maintain or regain your instrument flight privileges with an Instrument Proficiency Check.

  • Online scheduling
  • Variety of airplanes available
  • Save money by using an AATD
  • Traditional and Electronic Instruments
  • Use your own airplane!

Ground Training

A Certificated Instrument Flight Instructor (CFII) will evaluate your knowledge of instrument flight during the ground portion of the IPC. The material will be reviewed If you need help in some knowledge areas. Regal Air will provide you with a take-home IPC written exam, open book, to help reduce the amount of time needed on the ground portion. The ground training will include the following subjects:

  • IFR Charts including en-route, SID, ODP, STAR, and RNAV
  • Weather information
  • Preflight planning
  • Systems related to IFR
  • Flight instruments and navigation equipment
  • Airworthiness
  • ATC procedures

You can see what guidance the FAA provides flight instructors by reading Advisory Circular 61-68 

Flight Training

The flight portion of an IPC will follow the standards described in the Airman Certification Standards (ACS) Appendix A. These tasks include:

  • Holding procedures
  • Unusual attitudes
  • Intercepting and tracking navigational systems and arcs
  • Precision and non-precision approaches
  • Missed approach
  • Circling approach
  • Landing from an instrument approach
  • Engine inoperative procedures (if in a multi-engine airplane)
  • Postflight procedures

You can see what guidance the FAA provides flight instructors by reading Advisory Circular 61-68 

Using an AATD

We have at our disposal an Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD). These devices have been approved by the FAA for use during an IPC. You can save time and money by using our AATD for portions of your IPC.

Certain tasks required to be performed during an IPC may not be performed in an AATD, thus an IPC cannot be completed solely in an AATD and will require certain portions to be performed in an actual airplane.


Regal Air has a variety of airplanes at our disposal to help you get your IPC. You may wish to perform the IPC in an airplane with familiar avionics equipment or you may wish to use the IPC as an opportunity to add to your skills by learning a new system.

  • Cessna 172 and 205 (Traditional)
    These airplanes are equipped with traditional flight instruments (six-pack), but modern WAAS-capable GPS navigation equipment.
  • Cessna 172, 182, and Piper PA-28 Warrior (Traditional and G5 Flight Instruments)
    The Garmin G5 flight instruments are a good middle ground between traditional and modern flight decks. The G5 has a display similar to the Primary Flight Displays (PFD) of more advanced avionic systems, but keeps the traditional gauges in a six-pack configuration.
  • Cessna 172 (G1000)
    The Garmin G1000 is a good representation of modern avionics systems. Equipped with a PFD, Multi-function display (MFD), and a KAP140 integrated autopilot, this airplane has all that is needed to be considered a Technically Advanced Airplane (TAA).
  • Piper PA-34 Seneca (G5 Flight Instruments)
    We have a Piper PA-34 Seneca for use during IPCs if you are rated to fly AMEL, and are looking for the challenge of regaining instrument currency in a multi-engine airplane.
  • Your own airplane!
    Regal Air is happy to provide an IPC in your own airplane. Contact us for insurance requirements and to determine if your airplane is a feasible option for an IPC.


The costs for an IPC will vary greatly from pilot to pilot. This will depend on many factors, such as:

  • Your current level of proficiency
  • Whether or not an AATD will be used
  • The make\model of airplane to be used

Contact us for a quote.

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