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Learn to Fly with Us!

Regal Air can provide the training you need to get started as a pilot or improve your skills in general aviation. See below for all the courses we have available.

  • Online Scheduling
  • Part 61 and Part 141 Programs Available
  • Non-U.S. Citizens welcome!
  • Maintenance team ensures airplanes are airworthy
  • Fueling and other line services included

Private Pilot

Airplane Single-Engine Land

Whether you wish to fly for fun or start a career, earning a private pilot certificate is your first step into the world of aviation. Regal Air can help you get started on earning your Private Pilot Certificate with an Airplane Single-Engine Land rating.

  • First step in an aviation career
  • Earn the privilege to fly anywhere in the country
  • Fly Day and night
  • In visual weather conditions
  • May carry passengers
  • May not get paid, with some exceptions

Instrument Rating


An instrument rating allows you to fly in a broader set of weather conditions. You will learn to fly inside clouds and in low visibility situations. You will rely on your training, flight instruments, and navigation equipment to get to your destination safely.

  • Learn to fly under instrument conditions
  • Aviation Training Devices (simulators) training
  • Train in real instrument conditions (weather dependent)
  • Traditional and Electronic Instruments available

Commercial Pilot

Airplane Single-Engine Land

Earning a Commercial Pilot Certificate with the Airplane Single-Engine Land (ASEL) Rating will allow you to charge for your services as a pilot. With this certificate you will be able to start building the experience needed to move forward in your aviation career.

  • Get paid to fly single-engine airplanes
  • Improve your skills as a pilot
  • Train in Technically Advanced Airplanes (TAA)

Multi-Engine Addon

Airplane Multi-Engine Land

Adding a multi-engine rating to your private pilot or commercial pilot certificate will allow you to fly a much wider variety of aircraft. Learning to fly a complex twin-engine airplane is the next level in your flying career.

  • Learn to fly in a Piper Seneca
  • Complex airplane endorsement included
  • Add a Multi-Engine Land Rating to your Private or Commercial Pilot certificate
  • Increase your skills as a pilot by flying a more advanced airplane

Flight Instructor


Flight instructing is a great way to share your knowledge and experience with other aviation enthusiasts and to develop your own skills and knowledge. Earning a CFI certificate is also a great way to get started on building an aviation career. 

  • Share your knowledge and experience with others
  • Start a professional flight instructor career
  • Gain experience required for the next step in your career

Advanced Training

High-Performance and Technically Advanced Airplanes

Training in more advanced aircraft will expand your horizons as a pilot and open up more possibilities.

A high-performance endorsement will allow you to fly aircraft over 200 horsepower.

Getting checked out in one of our Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) will help you get the skills you need to safely fly airplanes with modern avionics equipment.

  • Get a high-performance endorsement in a C182 or C205
  • Train in Garmin G3X or G1000 equipped C172
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